Jellyfish shut down Scottish nuclear power station

Both reactors at a nuclear power station have been shut down after high volumes of jellyfish were found on seawater filter screens. The units at Torness powe

r station, on

the coast near Dunbar in East Lothian, were closed down manually on Tuesday. EDF Energy, which operates the plant, said the reactors were shut down as a precautionary measure and there was no danger to the public at any time. The screens filter out debris in cooling water which enters the plant. An operation is under way to clear the jellyfish from the waters near the power station and the reactors will be restarted once their numbers have gone down.

An EDF spokesman said: Reduced co

oling water flows due to ingress from jellyfish, seaweed and other marine debris are considered as part of the stations safety case and are not an unknown phenomenon. This was a precautionary action and the shutdown cooling systems performed in a satisfactory manner and both reactors were safely shut down. At no time was there any danger to the public. There are no radiological aspects associated with this event and there has been no impact to the environment.

EDF Energy could not comment on when the reactors are likely to be started up again. Th

e Office of Nuc

lear Regulation (ONR) has been fully briefed about the incident. Torness power station

began generating electricity in 1988, according to the companys website.