RESULT!: Phelps bid for swimming glory just a damp squib

So Michael Phelps is still on course for eight swimming gold medals. Big deal. Ive never seen the point in being labelled fastest swimmer. Swimming is merely a way to prevent you from drowning - speed is irrelevant. Even if being chased by

sharks you dont have to be the fastest swimmer. You have merely to be faster than the bloke next

to you. Thats why I can never understand why they name the cozzies Speedo. Surely Stay Afloato would be a bigger seller. Phelps in the pool is like a swordfish racing against giant turtles but can it be fair a man whose one specific talent is swimming rather fast over distances between 200m and 400 metres can be poised to win more gold medals than Team GB? Michael Johnson, equally effective over those distances though in somewhat less squelchy conditions, could win only two golds. Phelps, who claimed his third gold yester

day, was last night given a 4-9 quote by Stan James to win eight, though by the time you read this hell have very likely have picked up another