Jordan's jungle appearance has put a major spanner in Peter Andre's works

Its not been a good couple of days for Peter Andre. Clearly, they will have been dominated by our refusal to pander to his ridiculous demands

regarding those pants pictures - but theres also the small matter of his ex-wife (Jordan, real name Katie Price - you might have heard of her?) deciding to go on Im A Celebrit

y Get Me Out Of Here. It turns out, this has messed up Peter Andres career royally - and we cant help but wonder if Jordan knew this all along. Apparently, Pe-dah himself was due to fly to Oz for the show - not as a contestant, but as a reporter for This Morning. But now that his fragrant ex is likely to be ranting about him while sucking on kangaroo testicles, hes suddenly not so keen. Funny that. Pete was really looking forward to going back to the jungle and reporting down under, says someone who knows all sorts of stuff and isnt afraid to share it. The show was always part of his contractual obligations and he had wiped the three weeks out from his promotional schedule. But as soon as he found out Kate was going to appear, he said there was no chance in hell he would go. Pete reckons theres no way he could speculate on Kates antics and any outback f

lirtations, and cover it in an unbiased way. It would be totally

impossible. Kate is no doubt going to slag him off whilst on the show so, again, how could he possibly report back without sounding unprofessional? We see their point, but it is a shame. Peter would automatically have the upper hand, because he wouldnt have crocodile jizz spilling out of his mouth. Not on camera, anyway. What he gets up to privately is up to him (but how about Croc Jizz as the name for his next perfume?). We digress. Massively. The person in the know goes on: This Morning executives are livid and have done all they can to change his mind - it turned pretty nasty at one point. But Pete refuses to back down - no matter what the consequences may be. Kates stint in Oz means he will have the kids for a month - and he cannot wait. He is desperate to spend quality time with Junior, Princess and Harvey - he wont have spent so much time with them since before the marriage split. Well, thats nice. But we do feel for This Morning... what will they do now, send Alison Hammond in his place? Pic: Getty