Woman shares hilarious portrait daughter drew of 'mummy and daddy'

A mortified woman has shared her daughters portrait of mummy and daddy that has left ever

yone in hysterics. Sarah Morrisey, 39, was amused when her daughter Sophia, six, showed off her rather rude-looking masterpiece. It looks like the stick woman with blonde hair is clearly Sarah but her partner

Amir Shah, 39, appears to have no body and seems to be a smiling penis. Sarah, from Burn

ley, Lan

cashire, couldnt help but laugh at the picture which left schoolgirl Sophia very confused. Mum-of-three Sarah said: It was different to her other pictures to say the least, I couldnt stop laughing. Sophias drawing of her mum Sarah Morrisey, 39, Burnley, Lancashire, and partner Amir Shah, 39 (Image: Caters News) Sophia was so proud of herself when she presented the portrait of us and she didnt understand why we were crying with laughter. I posed the picture on Facebook and my friends found it jus

t as fu

nny, it made us chuckle for a good few days. Even my eldest Kamran, 11, was laughing but I reassured Sophia it was a lovely picture to make sure she didnt get upset. I can

t say we will be framing that picture any time soon. Sophia, six, holding up an image of the drawing (Image: Caters News) Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineSnow causes treacherous conditionsBritain to rescue trapped UK citizensMiracle tot saved despite heart stoppingKobe helicopter given special clearance Earlier this month, McDonalds bosses were left red-faced after realising that fr

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